I am loving online school i wake up at 820 and get my pe gear on and join my form it is awesome i am not ready to go back to normal school it is going to be so hard to wake up so early and be motivated to go to school. i am also […]

online school day 2

on Friday we had double art in the morning we drew overlapping shapes after that we did math in maths mean, mediam and mode then we had recess three more lessons and then lunch i just sat around and watched some tv then came our last few lessons and then the end of the day! […]

day 1 online school

today was pretty hectic but also pretty chill at the same time to start the day we were supposed to have an assembly online but then that got canceled after that we joined form we took the roll talked for for a bit and then joined our first lesson and after a few more lessons […]


I am the ocean In the early 2000s I was very healthy I had no rubbish and people swam in me for, fun but now that I have a lot of rubbish in me and I am slowly dying people wanted me to come for this interview.   What I have been noticing is my […]

wighting challenge

*SMASH* As another pice of the bridge falls off, there was not much left but they knew that they had to finish other wise they knew that if they didn’t finish crossing or they wouldn’t win the the grand prize they have come all this way and they can’t just give it up now can […]